8BallTracker's Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need to create an account?

Yes, you have to create an account on our system, that way we can keep track the games you play.

Can I use social login accounts?

At the moment, we support Facebook as social login account, and we are working to implement Twitter and other social media networks.

What if I do not want to use Facebook, or I do not use Facebook?

You can complete the registration process which is very straightforward, you will need a username, password, e-mail and some basic information about yourself. After completing the registration, you can login and start adding games.

How do I add games?

In order to add games, you will need to have a session, once you have created a session or belong to a friend's session you can add games to that session.

What are Places and Sessions?

A place is where you play, e.g: a pub nearby your home or office which has some pool/billiards tables.

A session is a time where you played games, e.g: Jane's birthday and you got together and had fun and played some games, and you kept track of the games your played. You can keep a more permanent session for every time you play with the same people, every day, e.g: the office.

Ok, I have created a session, how my friends join my session?

In order to create a session, you lookup for a Place, then associate the session to that Place. On the creation of the Session you provide a session's name and an access code. Your friends can find your session by the name, address, description or even by your name because you are the session's owner. You need to notify your friends of the access code then they can join in.

What is an owner?

An owner of a session, is the person whom created the session and is the person who can change information about the session, like the session's name, description, access code. Only the owner of a session can delete games.

What is an admin?

The owner can grant admin privileges to a player, that way if any administrative task over the session needs to be done, the owner or admins can do it.

What kind of task the owner or admins can do?

The owner can grant or remove admin privileges to other players, also the owner can ban or unban players. The admins can ban or unban other players. An admin cannot ban another admin, only the owner can perform that can of ban.

What happen if I get banned from a session?

It's very unfortunately if you get ban, maybe you were misbehaving. A player who gets banned from a session cannot add more games to that session.

Are sessions public?

Session and player's profile are public. Any player can see the stats of a session and the players that a session holds. In order to join a session, you need to have the session's access code.

Can I search by profiles?

At the moment, you cannot search for another player profile, you can only take a look to a session and see the participants/players.

Can I keep track of only 8 ball games?

You can use the app to track any kind of "billiards" games like: 8 ball, 9 ball, snookers. At the moment, we are not keeping track to what kind of game you are playing. But maybe on the description of the session, the owner can add that information.

The app uses the GPS to track me?

No, we do not use the device's GPS at all, we do not track your location. Even when you are adding a Place, you need to lookup the place's name by city and country.

How secure is the app?

All the communication between the app and the backend/database is done via an encrypted channel. Before the app sends data to the backend, the SSL/TLS certificates are verified and we ensure the app is talking to the backend without any spy/man in the middle. Plus, we only keep track of your games and sessions, we DO NOT ask for any bank information or credit cards.

Give it a try and let us know what are your thoughts